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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you have information about my family member(s)?

A: I do not keep or possess any records of a geneaological nature. With outstanding resources available in the region to conduct geneaological research, I would be merely duplicating efforts completed by others.

Q: What are some sources available to conduct geneaological research in the area?

A: I heartily recommend the following sources: The Huntington Memorial Library, The New York State Historical Association, Delaware County Historical Association, Chenango County Historical Society, and the New York GenWeb Project.

Q: What used to be on a certain property or who previously owned my home?

A: I do not have these records on file, either. The best place to find this information is at the Otsego County Clerk's office in Cooperstown, at (607) 547-4276, the Delaware County Clerk's office in Delhi, at (607) 746-2123, or the Chenango County Clerk's office in Norwich, at (607) 334-1451. Another very helpful source is at your local public library, where many keep old city and village directories on hand.


Q: Is my house or building an historic site, or eligible to become a site? Are there restrictions on how I can remodel or decorate my home if it is, or becomes historic?

A: The best way to see if the building is historic, the State Historic Preservation Office is the best way to identify, evaluate, and possibly preserve that building. Another place to look for buildings is the National Register of Historic Places.



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